What Makes a Good Modern Logo Design?

An eye-catching logo is the central point of any business’s branding efforts. It is usually the first thing your potential customers see.

This is why you need to create a logo that represents your brand and helps you connect with customers. Your business’s logo appears on everything from your website, products, business cards to social media, and just about anything that has to do with your business.

Modern logo trends combine classic design elements with more contemporary elements to create a logo that feels sleek, simple, and striking.

Designing a modern logo starts with identifying modern logo trends and integrating those styles & techniques that help your brand stand out.

Your logo should stand the test of time as a way for customers to easily identify your business. Modern logos can take inspiration from trending modern designs and incorporate original ideas that help define your brand while keeping your logo relevant.

Here are a few trends that continue to make their way into logo designs.


Minimalistic logo design is a clean, sleek design for logos that help convey your brand’s message in an easy-to-read format.

Icons and Symbols

Using an icon or a symbol next to your business name is a way to create a simple and easy to recognize element for your brand.


The typography of a logo is everything in logo design. You want to choose a font that fits the industry you are in.

Hand-Drawn Logos

A hand-drawn logo helps to add a personal touch to your brand that is aesthetically pleasing yet professional.

Modern Logo Design Techniques

When you integrate certain techniques into your modern logo design, you get an incredible logo that leaves your competitors in the dust.

Include Multiple Color Variations

Choosing your brand colors is an important decision when you design your logo. No matter what colors you choose, they won’t always look perfect with every background.

You should always have different logo variations for different backgrounds, such as light backgrounds, dark backgrounds, or monochromatic.

You may have various projects or marketing that require specific colors. Or you may just want to differentiate your business divisions.

It’s a good idea to have multiple color variations of your logo that can work on any background.

Modern Logos are Responsive Logos

Designing your logo to be responsive allows you to maintain brand consistency and flexibility to connect with your customers through different sizes and formats.

You want your logo to provide a seamless experience across all devices and screen sizes, so your brand is easily recognizable.

A responsive logo can increase in complexity as the size of the space increases. The largest version of your logo can include things like taglines, intricate graphics, colors, and easily recognizable elements.

The medium-sized version of your logo removes some more intricate details and abbreviate or shorten taglines for a more simplified look.

The smallest logo or an icon-only version leaves only the simplest elements, such as reducing the brand to only the symbol part of the logo or the initials. In most cases, this is the recommended format for your business’ profile picture on social media and other online platforms.  

Impactful Logo Design is Essential

An impactful logo helps distinguish you from your competition. It can help evoke a sense of connection and loyalty between your brand and your customers. Your logo is the foundation for your brand’s identity and is what helps grab attention. Your logo needs to be impactful and memorable for your brand to thrive.  

When you combine modern logo trends with functional techniques, you can design a timeless logo that represents your brand and helps build brand recognition and loyalty.

All the logos you see in this article were designed by Attention Digital, an Indianapolis-based digital marketing & design agency. Learn more about our logo design services here on our website or get in touch with our expert designers so we can create a free logo design concept for your business.

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