Types of clients we want to work with.

We want to work with forward-thinkers.

Digital marketing is nothing new. However, some people and their businesses have still not accepted that technology has changed how we communicate or have been willing to adapt to that reality. You don’t have to be a digital fanatic or techy to work with us – in fact, we expect you to almost be the opposite – but we want to work with those who have at least taken notice of how the landscape of how people discover and engage with businesses have shifted due to technology like the internet and smartphones.

There is a baseline level of open-mindedness that is required to be willing to explore different digital marketing approaches that will help your business thrive but if you need to be convinced that digital is the way, we’re not going to argue with you. We just simply might not be the best fit. We love explaining our reasoning for certain approaches and don’t expect our clients to follow blindly with whatever we suggest. Pushback or curiosity about our approach is healthy and encouraged but stubbornness about if social media is here to stay is not worth our time.

We want to work with passionate entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re disrupting an entire industry or running a small family business that has been around for generations, we love working with people who have passion and love for their business and their customers. When the people we work and collaborate with are truly passionate, we can match their level of excitement to create or accomplish something truly special. We have also worked with many nonprofit organizations and love the energy many of those clients have brought as they are on their mission to solve problems and help people all over the world.

Those without any passion often lack interest in exploring different digital marketing approaches in the first place. Any marketing efforts are likely doomed to fail if the products, services, or people we’re trying to market don’t have the ambition to achieve success. To us, passion doesn’t mean shouting and jumping up and down, but it means deeply caring about your business, team, and customers while never wavering on the journey to provide an exceptional product or experience.

We want to work with kind humans.

Kind humans usually do two specific things that are important to us. They a) treat others with respect and b) deliver products or services that are designed to bring value and improve people’s lives.

We treat our clients with respect through fast communication, going the extra mile, and doing everything we can to show that they’re cared for. We expect that our clients treat us with kindness and respect in return so that we can have a healthy and fruitful partnership through the ups and downs. We hope that all our clients understand that we will always act in ways that we think will help your business thrive and even if that doesn’t work exactly as we hope 100% of the time, we do everything in our power to make things right. Marketing is no guarantee and there are so many variables out of our control, we if we treat others with respect no matter what, we can maintain a positive and professional relationship.

To the second point, what we are marketing is a major factor in the effectiveness of our efforts. Marketing can only do so much if the products or services you provide are of low quality. Kindness can be seen through products that were made to genuinely fix problems and improve people’s lives or services that make people feel taken care of and treated right. This kindness can boost our marketing efforts through positive online reviews, social media follows & engagement, or sharing of your website to friends and family.

Final Thoughts

We love working with all kinds of different people from all over the country in lots of different industries. The things our clients have in common are that they understand the direction technology has moved how business is done, have passion about what they do, and spread kindness to everyone they touch in their lives. If that sounds like you, we’d love to talk and explore working together!

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