What is organic-first digital marketing?

Organic marketing means getting customers to come to you naturally over time without the use of artificially boosting exposure or reach through paid marketing/advertising methods. Some of the most popular and effective organic marketing efforts include organic SEO, social media content, and online reviews on local listings.

What is the difference between organic & paid marketing?

While organic marketing is more focused on establishing a strong foundation and building attention and awareness over time, paid marketing & advertising can target, reach, and convert customers on a much quicker timeline but is reliant on continually implementing your ad spend. Additionally, once you finish campaigns or stop putting money into keeping your ads going, your exposure is completely stopped.

Why are we organic-first marketing specialists?

Organic-first digital marketing means we don’t exclusively use organic marketing tactics but believe paid campaigns should be used strategically and only to supplement organic efforts.

Organic marketing is about establishing a strong foundation with your branding, website, social media audience, local listings, and organic search rankings. Having a comprehensive and optimized online presence can create a consistent flow of new visitors and brand exposure that continually grows over time without the constant need for large advertising expenses.

This approach can take more time and dedication upfront to be successful but in the long-term is typically much more cost-effective and reliable. An organic-first approach still allows for the use of paid advertising campaigns without the complete reliance on those tactics to keep your business afloat.

Why is an organic digital marketing strategy more important than ever?

Today’s most innovative, forward-thinking brands understand that consumers have different wants, needs, and expectations than in the past. Things like brand authority & trust as well as your ability to communicate with your audience matter more than ever.

Even small businesses need to be established just about anywhere customers may find them online. They need to be an active part of the online community sharing more than just sales messages or promotions. Consumers want you to show your authentic personality and publically own your goals & values as an organization.

Differentiating yourself and maintaining brand loyalty requires ongoing organic marketing.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of value in paid advertising with the ability to target your specific audience, have complete budget flexibility, and useful tracking & data collection tools. Without a strong organic marketing strategy, much of your paid efforts may go to waste when your ad spend runs dry. An organic strategy may take more time & patience to get established, but the long-term growth and sustainability can be the reliable foundation that keeps your business going strong month after month.

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